Will you be happy in business in 2014?

Why do I enjoy running Cambridge Business Advisors so much? Why do I do this every day of the working week?

Well I get a buzz from helping other people, be they friends, family, clients or those less fortunate. Being a sociable chap I also like meeting people. How good is it to be paid to do something that we enjoy and are successful at?

The next question how are you going to enjoy 2014? Do you know what would make you happy running your own business in 2014? Research shows that around 80% of businesses get by, a small proportion of those business owners may be happy with that, but is that why they went into business?

Most of the readers will have realised that 20% of businesses are successful and of those only about 1% are super successful. Most of these will be the ones that are happy with their business.

A business can start on its journey to being successful when it knows in which direction it is headed and that starts with a plan for 2014 and understanding the drivers for your business which will take you there. Working with me we can then work on the strategies together to achieve the results.

If you want to be super successful and enjoy 2014 then e-mail me at


2014 has so many opportunities for us all and I want you to be as happy as me.