The role of a mentor is to apply their knowledge and experience of business to assist the business owner in improving the business. It may be that you need to increase sales, reduce costs, want to grow the business to new markets, you may have issues in the business that need resolving. You may want someone to attend board or strategy meetings to give advice and guidance. You may be struggling to manage all the responsibilities and tasks you have as a business owner and need more work life balance.

These and many more are typical of the problems business owners turn to mentors to help then with. Being a business owner can be lonely and having someone to discuss these ideas with and get another view can be invaluable.

A mentor often has a network of other experienced professionals that they can refer you to or may have specific industry experience that can be invaluable to your business.

We can offer short term or long term arrangements for one of our team to work with you to maximize your businesses and profits.