Help to Buy Scheme

The Governments ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, recently extended, has brought the British housing market into sharp focus. Some commentators believe that it will lead to an over-heating of the Housing Market, and this may be true in some areas of London but it is unlikely to be true in all parts of Britain.

What we have today in Britain is a fast expanding new housing market – why is that? Finance for properties is much easier than it has been since 2007, simple as that. The result of this a large increase in employment in the housing market and of course this will help the general economy.

This is great but should more be done to assist the rest of the economy or should the emphasis be on businesses to create their own wealth without support from Government? The opportunities are there and the good news keeps coming each day and businesses need to grab those opportunities and the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme should be seen as a fillip to what is a very important part of the British economy.