Franchise Service

Business owners looking to expand have many options available to them to grow. One increasing common method is via franchising.

Franchising is where a existing business, often in return for an initial fee and an ongoing royalty fee, allows another person/business to replicate it’s business model, processes and systems and trademarks. The franchisor provides training, support, research and development and the franchisee has a business that has proven to be successful and has the support needed to run that business.

Cambridge Business Advisors can assist you in various ways in franchising:

If you are considering becoming a franchisee but need to discuss your options with someone experienced as a franchisee then please contact us. You may have many questions like what type of franchise would I be suited to run, what are the costs involved, what is it like to be a franchisee?

If you are an existing franchisee and need advice or help with specific issues you may be having then please contact us.

If you have a successful business and are considering franchising as a route to grow then please contact us. You can meet with one of our advisors for a no obligation discussion about what is involved and how we can assist.

If you are considering franchising, we can also provide a review of your business to evaluate it’s suitability to be franchised. This can be a very useful exercise for any business owner as it can provide valuable feedback on the business products, processes, systems and potential.

For a no-obligation discussion please get in touch with Alan.