Business Reviews

Business Review Cambridge Business AdviceAs an ibd accredited business adviser Alan will get to know your business and your objectives and this will usually be done with the assistance of the newly developed ibd Business mirror.

This will look at all areas of your business and will benchmark your business against other similar businesses. This may highlight some areas in your business where you are not giving yourself the best chance to fulfil its full potential.

The ibd Business mirror will provide each business owner with an easy to understand, graphical report on each business area. The report will assist the owner and advisor to agree the priority areas for the business and assist with a plan for action. The plan will be at a pace which suits the business and its owner but in today’s fast-moving world it is vital that businesses look to move keep pace with change to retain their competitive advantage.

The business areas which the ibd Business Mirror Review covers are:-

  • Strategic planning and objectives for the business.
  • Production/services provided.
  • Financial.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • The people in your business.
  • The risks to the business.

Please contact Alan to book your Business review.