Business Review April 2013

We are almost 4 months through the year and with the weather feeling that spring is here I thought it was a good time to have a review of where we are in the Business world.

Firstly the facts:-

  • The UK has avoided a triple dip recession – this was due to the service sector as both manufacturing and construction was weak.
  • US economy has grown by 2.5% in the 1st quarter – strongest consumer spending figures in 2 weeks.
  • Unemployment is a mixed picture in the UK.
  • Inflation is steady at 2.8% this has not been helped by the Bank of England policies to get the economy moving.
  • The Bank of England Funding for Lending scheme has been extended to 2015.
  • There are still problems in the Eurozone and will be for some years to come.

So where does that leave the UK?

Business must remain flexible and not expect a magic solution. Some companies in all sectors are doing well; they are the ones which are consistently doing the right things to drive business in their direction and are remaining optimistic about the future. Sit back and business will not come to you.

Also exporters are also doing well and there is help out there from UKTI to find new markets. UK products are sort in many markets and present exchange rates make them attractive in foreign markets.