Growth Plans

The Business Growth Service may have received the axe at the end of November 2015 but the expertise to assist ambitious and growing businesses has not disappeared.
Alan Todd was an approved expert with Growth Accelerator for both Business Development and Access to Finance and the Business Growth Programme is based on the former Growth Accelerator programme but with more flexibility depending on the needs of the business.
This is both a coaching and advising service which is required by many growing businesses as they do not have the expertise in all areas to achieve the vision.
The framework for the Business Growth Programme will focus on:
• Distilling the Vision of the business for up to the next 5 years
• Defining what the vision means for all areas of the business
• A thorough review of the resources required to achieve the vision
• A review of the financial position of the business and any financing requirement.
• SMART actions required by the business to achieve the vision with timely reviews.

To see how this plan can benefit your business get in touch with Alan for a free Business Review.