Brexit – Where are we?

Well after Friday’s speech (22/9/17) by Theresa May business was hoping to have more idea of the road-map to leaving the EU but we now have the prospect of a 2 year transition period and probably even more uncertainty for business!

Stories following the speech abound about plotting within Senior Ministers and it seems that the Prime Minister has limited authority and the election has left her wounded.

The negotiations are about to re-start after the summer break and the Prime Minister’s speech in some regard was seen to have been helpful but the hard negotiation on the divorce settlement now needs to make progress. This though will be very difficult as the 2 sides seem to be miles apart and there is no precedent for a country leaving the EU.

All this makes planning for business very difficult, what will be the effect on the UK economy from these negotiations and the whole Brexit process? All that businesses can do at this time is keep agile, keep abreast of any developments and be prepared to adapt to the changing business landscape.