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Cambridge Business Coach Alan Todd

Alan Todd has formed Cambridge Business Advisors Limited to give expert, affordable advice to small and medium business owners. Alan can draw on his successful, experience in Business Finance, 25 years with Barclays Bank and 10 years as a Finance Director.

Alan has used his expertise in business to assist small businesses grow and to give them a better grasp of the financial aspects of the business. Alan uses simple, proven growth strategies with business owners and assisting them to see the financial benefits to their business.

Alan has worked with both early stage  and very mature businesses and has achieved good results with both these.

The benefits that Alan has brought to businesses are:-

  • As an experienced FD and ex banker advising on the financial strategy of the business and objective setting, short, medium and long term.
  • Proven growth strategies to take the business to the next level.
  • Information on business performance and simple to implement KPI’s.
  • Advising on corrective action that has been taken in a timely manner as variances to budget will be spotted quickly.
  • Allows the business owner/Directors to concentrate on business development knowing that this has sound financial planning behind it.
  • Business are able to predict its cash flow position.
  • Ensuring good value for money from all professional services used by the business
  • Bankers/funders have had confidence in the Business knowing that a Professional is looking at the financial position regularly.
  • Proactive advice on the business
  • Advice on best value funding options.
  • Information has enabled the Business owner/Directors to manage risks in the business better.

‘Alan has helped us to completely transform the business. He is very quick, gets right to the heart of a problem very quickly and helps to implement the solutions. Business has been completely restructured and all our accounting processes are now functional and visible. Highly recommend.’

Vincent Glue, Director, Chordal Green Ltd

Alan has also been accepted as an accredited advisor with the Initiatives in Business Group, and within the organisation as well as his own expertise he can call on the experiences of over 200 other experts within the Group. This practical experience is supplemented with the qualification of Executive Diploma from the Chartered Management Institute and is a Chartered Manager and a Fellow of Chartered Management Institute.

Alan has drawn on his experience to assist businesses to move to the next level on their development and will provide easy to understand, no nonsense advice. He will then be able to work alongside your staff with the hands-on implementation all this quality advice and support can be provided at an affordable cost to the small and medium business.

The specialist advice which Alan can provide are in the areas of:-

  • Financial Planning
  • Business Reviews
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Planning
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Start-up Business Planning
  • Marketing and Sales Planning

Alan is registered with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) as a consultant and has successfully delivered grant funded projects. Full details of grant aided funding available at

To find out how Alan can assist your Company to achieve its vision, please give Alan a call on 01638 742 093 or Email Email us for your free full business review. The report will be yours to use, you have nothing to lose!